LEEA and ICHCA publish new guidance on safe use of shipping container lugs

LEEA and ICHCA publish new guidance on safe use of shipping container lugs - image

LEEA and ICHCA publish new guidance on safe use of shipping container lugs

LEEA has co-produced a new pamphlet that provides practical guidance and advice on the safe use of container lugs, which are commonly used for connecting ISO shipping containers to lifting equipment. The briefing document has been written in collaboration with ICHCA International, the leading representative body for the cargo handling industry, and is available to download free-of-charge from the LEEA website.

Container lugs are designed to fit in the top corner castings of ISO shipping containers, providing a means of connection for slings, shackles and lifting frames, for example. They therefore play a safety critical role during lifting operations and the new pamphlet covers vital issues such as the correct means of attaching lugs to the load and crane, appropriate storage and handling, and basic requirements for inspection, maintenance and thorough examination. An overview of documentation and product marking requirements is also included.

A PDF version of the briefing pamphlet, titled 'LEEA - 066 General guidance on the safe use of container lifting lugs', can be found at: https://leeaint.com/uk/Guidance-Documents

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About LEEA

Established in 1944, LEEA has over 1000 member companies worldwide and campaigns vigorously for higher standards of safety and professionalism within the overhead lifting industry. Key services provided include training, accreditation and expert technical advice. Member companies are involved in the design, manufacture, hire, repair, refurbishment, test, examination, verification and use of lifting equipment. Applicants are subject to an initial technical audit before full membership is granted, and then to a continuing programme of assessments. For large scale users of overhead lifting equipment, associate membership provides benefits such as access to technical information and training, without the need for auditing. Further details on the work of LEEA, and a full list of members, is available at www.leeaint.com

About ICHCA International

Established in 1952, ICHCA International is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of cargo handling and movement worldwide. ICHCA's privileged NGO status status enables it to represent its members, and the cargo handling industry at large, in front of national and international agencies and regulatory bodies, while its ISP Techncial Panel provides best practice advice and develops publications on a wide range of practical cargo handling issues.

Operating through a series of national and regional chapters - including ICHCA Australia, ICHCA Japan and ICHCA Canarias/Africa (CARC) - plus Correspondence and Working Groups, ICHCA provides a focal point for informing, educating, lobbying and networking to improve knowledge and best practice across the cargo handling chain.

Further information on ICHCA International can be found at www.ichca.com

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