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Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents

Our guidelines provide information on the requirements necessary to achieve the highest standards of quality and integrity relating to equipment, training, procedures and records.

LEEA-066 Guidance to the Safe Use of Container Lifting Lugs Version 1

Container lifting lugs are supplied in a variety of forms which offer the user a versatile and safe means of connecting a container to the lifting appliance. That is providing they are used in the correct manner and dangerous lifting practices are avoided. They are often, but must not be, confused with twist locks that are similar in construction, but have been designed solely for load restraint use, and as such are not suitable for lifting.

This has been developed as a means of offering general guidance to the variety of container lifting lugs available and their safe use.

LEEA-069-1 Guidance to Written Schemes of Examination for Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Lifting Chain Slings and Accessories version 1

This guidance document is aimed at the Duty Holder, and the Competent Person drawing up the scheme for pump lifting chains used in the water industry on his behalf, to ensure that all associated risks are properly assessed and, with a robust written scheme, reduced to an acceptable minimum.

LEEA-069-2 Specification for Stainless Steel Submersible Pump Lifting Chain Sling and Accessories version 1

This document specifies the design, construction, mechanical properties, documentation and marking requirements for stainless steel lifting chain assemblies. It also specifies the limitations of use of these assemblies with certain corrosive chemicals.

LEEA-071 Gudiance to legislative requirments for equipment used for the installation of power cables version 1 Aug 2017

This guidance document is designed to provide clarification to the legislative requirements for the equipment used in the installation of power cables, based on LEEA's interpratation of the applicable UK regulation and consultation with the HSE in the UK.

LEEA-072 Roles and resposibilities for ensuring the continued safety of lifting equipment version 1 Aug 2017

This guidance aims to raise awareness and educate the end users in regards with their legal obligations with respect to the use, inspection, maintenance and thorough examination of lifting equipment.

LEEA-074 Guidance on the Roles and Resposibilities for Crane Design Working Periods version 1 Nov 17

Investigations of some crane failures over recent years has revealed that many are attributed to age related defects. Most of these failures could have been avoided if the age of the crane had been properly assessed and appropriate inspection / maintenance measures had been put in place.

The question is, who is responsabile for ensuring that a crane is properly assessed, inspected and maintained with respect to is design life? This document identifies key personnel who are responsible and the extent to which they are culpable.