Accredited Training Scheme

Gain LEEA accreditation for your training courses

If you are a LEEA member offering training services, you can apply to join our Accredited Scheme.


LEEA’s Accredited Training Scheme (ATS) offers members the opportunity to gain accreditation for their own training courses which cover key areas of interest to users of lifting equipment.

The ATS is specifically for LEEA Members who are involved in training delivery to end-user companies.


Benefits of joining our Accredited Training Scheme

  • Gain independent accreditation by a highly respected industry association
  • Use of the LEEA ATS logo
  • Expert and up-to-date advice on all aspects of course design
  • Checking of course materials and assessment methods to ensure accuracy, quality and suitability
  • Guidance on how to meet and maintain the course accreditations
  • Protection and promotion of the interests of our ATS Members on a collective basis


Requirements to join

  1. You must be an associate or full member of LEEA.
  2. You must be trading as a training provider for at least 12 months.
  3. Proposed courses must have been delivered 12 months prior to application.
  4. The courses you want accredited must relate to end user lifting / height safety industries.
  5. All proposed instructors must provide the following:
  1. Proof of a minimum of 24 months experience in training end user lifting / height type courses.
  2. Hold a valid formal qualification in the subject they plan to deliver.
  3. Proof of experience in the subject they plan to deliver.
  4. Hold a valid train the trainer type certificate.
  5. Proof that they are fully employed by LEEA ATS company.

All aspects of the member company, proposed instructors and course material will be assessed, vetted, and audited during an initial ATS application phase to ensure that the ATS members meets the high standards that required of the Association. LEEA ATS members are periodically audited to ensure consistency and quality.




Including VAT

Excluding VAT

Application to join ATS



Initial audit



Subsequent courses review and accreditation



LEEA Accredited Certificates for Delegates (each)



Travel and subsistence costs for LEEA staff audits and visits to you will be charged extra to the above.


How to Join

For more information, email


Need technical advice?

For technical advice on lifting equipment matters, email our Technical Services team. This service is free to members and we will reply within two working days.

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