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Key Services

Key Services

Key Services

LEEA is actively involved in all aspects of the industry, promoting the highest technical and safety standards and representing the interests of our Members worldwide.

Below is some of the key areas that we operate in:

Training services

Our Members benefit from both practical and distance learning training courses ensuring they operate to stringent technical, legal and safety standards. We also have a dedicated training centre at our head office in Huntingdon.

Find out more about our flexible and comprehensive range of cost-effective training services by visiting our Courses page.

Assessment and licencing system

In the absence of an official licensing system, we developed our own widely respected training and assessment services which have now run successfully for over 50 years.

Our practical and distance learning courses cover all aspects of the testing and examining of lifting equipment, leading to specialist LEEA Assessments, with successful candidates awarded Advanced Programme certificates in their chosen subjects.

Taken together with other qualifications, training and experience, holders of an Advanced Programme can qualify for the LEEA TEAM card showing that they have the required level of competence in their particular field. Visit our TEAM card page for more information.

Official industry representation

We are the industry voice for our Members and represent the lifting equipment industry at the highest levels, including UK, European and international standards organisations, government departments, the UK Health and Safety Executive and certification bodies.


LEEA produces a number of publications, including our own Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (COPSULE). This code is recommended by the UK Health and Safety Executive and is generally accepted as the most authoritative source of information on specifying, using and maintaining lifting equipment. Visit our Publications page for more information.

Technical support

Our technical library provides a unique source of information on all aspects of the design, manufacture, testing, examination, certification and supply of lifting equipment, as well as its servicing and safe use.

In addition, our highly knowledgeable and experienced technical officers are available to provide Members with technical consultancy and advice services, as well as regular updates on a range of issues from new standards and regulations through to warnings about dangerous equipment.

Standards setting

For over half a century, we have been deeply involved in the preparation and implementation of British, international and European Standards through Membership of the British Standards Institution committees and similar bodies. We also play an active role in legislative developments.

Health and safety

The Association is keen to ensure the highest standards of health and safety in our industry, and we liaise closely with the UK Health and Safety Executive and other safety organisations.

The Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment, published by LEEA, sells worldwide and is the most up to date and authoritative source of information and advice available.


We work hard to promote our Members’ commercial efforts, including organising and hosting the prestigious annual LiftEx trade exhibition. Visit our LiftEx site for more information!