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RCS - Runways & Crane Structures Advanced Programme

A 5-day intensive course directly aligned to the e-learning Advanced Programme

RCS - Runways & Crane Structures Advanced Programme

Delegates will benefit from hands-on practical training to complement the essential theory sessions. This Advanced Programme is based on runway beams, jib and mobile gantry cranes and structures, including thorough examination procedures and criteria for returning items to service.

Course Syllabus:

5.1   -   The Law
5.2   -   Overhead Cranes & Supporting Structures
5.3   -   Column Mounted Swing Jibs
5.4   -   Free Standing Swing Jibs
5.5   -   Light Duty Crane Bridges
5.6   -   Crane Gantries
5.7   -   Mobile Gantries
5.8   -   Hand Operated Chain Blocks
5.9   -   Load Stress & Strain
5.10   -   Vectors & Triangles of Forces
5.11   -   Methods of Manufacture
5.12   -   Heat Treatment
5.13   -   Non-Destructive Testing
5.14   -   Rating of Runways & Crane Structures
5.15   -   Testing & Examination Procedures
5.16   -   Feedback Session

The course is structured to take place over a 5 day period. UK and International on-site RCS Advanced Programme will require certain equipment being available for practical sessions. These can be shipped by the LEEA at the request of the member company subject to carriage charges.

Current availability: Intensive Programme (IP – Huntingdon HQ, UK & Overseas on-site)

Course Duration: 40 learning hours

Courses dates:

to book places on courses.

Starts 09.00am Monday and finishes 3.00pm Friday

Monday- Thursday: 9:00am - 4:30pm

Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm (at the latest dependant on group progress)

Tea, coffee, water and soft drinks are available throughout the day, lunches are provided at LEEA HQ when the training is over a full day period. For LEEA Runways and Crane Structures Advanced Programme, lunch will be provided Monday – Friday.

Please Contact Us if you require more information.