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As a LEEA Member, you’ll not only gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, but will also receive the following invaluable benefits:

  • Expert and up-to-date information and advice on all aspects of the safety, design, manufacture, testing, examination, servicing, certification and supply of lifting equipment.
  • Regular bulletins providing the latest technical, legal and safety advice ranging from dangerous equipment warnings through to the latest standards and regulations.
  • Access to technical guidelines setting out the requirements necessary to achieve the highest standards of quality and integrity relating to equipment, training, procedures and records.
  • Technical audits carried out by our own staff who provide advice and guidance on how to meet LEEA’s stringent technical and safety standards.
  • Training courses and assessments in all aspects of the testing and examining of lifting equipment, leading to Advanced Programme certificates for successful candidates.
  • Advanced Programme certificate holders working for LEEA members can qualify for the TEAM card, demonstrating the required level of competence in their particular field.
  • Representation on bodies involved in matters affecting the interests of our Members, including UK, European and international standards organisations, government departments, the UK Health and Safety Executive and certification bodies.
  • Protection of the interests of our Members on a collective basis.
  • The right to use our LEEA logo, demonstrating your adherence to the highest technical and safety standards.
  • The opportunity to buy key Publications at preferential prices, including our own Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (COPSULE). This is recognised as the most authoritative guide for the specification, use and maintenance of lifting equipment and is recommended by the UK Health and Safety Executive.
  • Formal and informal networking with fellow Members who share your interests and challenges.
  • High profile Annual LiftEx exhibition and general meeting.
  • A voice in the Association: One member - One vote.
  • A promotional listing on the LEEA website which is visited by over 60,000 visitors per year.
  • Access to LEEA consultancy services.
  • Access to Partnership Services covering: Empolyment, Health & Safety, Tax & VAT and Commercial Legal Issues

Complete the online form on our Join Now page today to start your application!