End User Guidance CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Course

End User Guidance CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Course

End User Guidance CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Course

This 1-day course provides an essential insight to general legal responsibilities for lifting equipment owners and end users.

Course content: An introduction to the legislative requirements for owners and end users of lifting equipment, covering standards and best practice. Principles for selection of equipment, information to be exchanged between the user and supplier and the various types of thorough examination. The role of the competent person conducting thorough examinations of lifting equipment.

Suitable for: Company Directors, Senior Managers and responsible persons where lifting equipment is used in the business

Learning outcomes: On completion of this short course, attendees will gain an underpinning knowledge of the legislative frameworks, standards and best practices applicable to owners and end users of lifting equipment and how equipment must be managed from procurement through to discard, its thorough examination requirements and record keeping

This course is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa, Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese. Please access the course using the below links:

EUG Global - https://elearning.leeaint.com/public/f73d4gvo

EUG Chinese - https://elearning.leeaint.com/public/na1f1z9p

EUG Indonesian  - https://elearning.leeaint.com/public/cgelynym

EUG Arabic - https://elearning.leeaint.com/public/isgrvt7h

EUG Brazilian Portuguese - https://elearning.leeaint.com/public/8sy83p5e

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