Technical Triage: a truly global service

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Technical Triage: a truly global service

LEEA’s Technical Team wants to answer your technical questions, wherever you are around the world.

A significant benefit of LEEA membership is the technical advice members gain from the remarkable resource of information curated by the Association as well as the expertise of its Technical Team.

Through LEEA’s Technical Triage service, members can put their technical questions to the team. The service is a prime membership benefit – only as a LEEA member will you have full access to the Technical Triage team, with the ability to have an unlimited number of questions answered. Non-members are allowed just one question, after which they are advised to join.

There were 959 questions between October 2022 and September 2023, resulting in the team responding to more than 100 technical queries per month, with 72% of enquiries answered on the same day and 100% within two days.

LEEA is a global organisation but enquiries coming through the Triage tend to be UK-dominated, no doubt attributable in some part to the language barrier. Being English speakers, the Technical Team naturally answers questions in that language, though work is underway on offering additional languages.

Nevertheless, the guidance remains applicable globally because the team works on the principle of best practice, rather than national guidance. So, irrespective of any language barrier, the benefit of the service still applies.

A recent boost to the service that makes asking questions even easier comes in the form of the Chatbot, which gives immediate answers. Accessed on and via the LEEA Connect, Chatbot introduces a new channel allowing members, and non-members, wherever they are involved in lifting across the globe, to ask technical questions. The Technical Team is on standby to help if the Chatbot answer is unsatisfactory.

No matter where in the world you are carrying out lifting operations, members are strongly encouraged the use of the Technical Triage to enhance best practice and improve safety to achieve the goal of zero accidents, injuries and fatalities in the lifting and height safety industries.

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Need technical advice?

For technical advice on lifting equipment matters, use the LEEA Chatbot, available on the homepage or the LEEA Connect App.

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