Dave Cormack joins the Board

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Dave Cormack joins the Board

LEEA welcomes Dave Cormack, managing director of Delphini Ltd, to its Board. Dave has worked in the lifting gear industry for over 30 years, beginning as an apprentice with Coubro & Scrutton – a founding member of LEEA – as a 16 year old.

Starting Delphini in 2001, Dave has successfully grown the company into an organisation that currently employs over 30 people and has an 8000 square feet structural steel manufacturing workshop in Tilbury, UK.

A marine and port based background resulted in the Delphini exporting its UK manufactured lifting and securing products to ship owners, agents and port operators worldwide.

Dave’s training at Coubro & Scrutton included all aspects of engineering. He passed his first LEEA exam in the early 1990s. “This has given me an incredibly broad base of engineering understanding, that I enjoy using still in my day-to-day work,” he said. “Having started in the industry at 16 and enjoyed the benefits of training I have always respected and valued LEEA. With the success of my company I am fortunate to be able to give some time back to the Association and the Industry and became a member of the Technical Committee in 2017. Working with LEEA staff and other members on the Technical Committee has been enjoyable and I realised that my experience in engineering and with the Port and Marine sector was welcomed as it broadened the Committee’s knowledge base.”

Dave concluded: “As a Board member I offer a balance of commercial insight and knowledge of a sector within the lifting industry that is currently not well represented within LEEA. Also as a business owner of over 18 years I can contribute sound advice and guidance on planning and strategic policies to benefit the Association, our Industry and fellow members.”

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