Extended deadline: Invitation to tender for COPSULE and Sector Report writing

Extended deadline: Invitation to tender for COPSULE and Sector Report writing - image

Extended deadline: Invitation to tender for COPSULE and Sector Report writing

LEEA has extended the deadlines to respond to invitations to tender for the creation of two important projects. Both deadlines are now 31 August 2023.

The first is to rework the COPSULE. The Code of Practice of Safe Use of Lifting Equipment is a free to download document at https://leeaint.com/COPSULE/COPSULE-Edition-9-on-screen-version/, currently in its 9th Edition, having been most recently updated in 2019.

The COPSULE is an extremely thorough, well-researched and comprehensive document.  Crucially, it captures the safe use of lifting equipment and forms a key part of LEEA’s efforts to make the sector safer.

New editions have previously been written in-house by the LEEA team, but the Association is exploring the possibility of outsourcing the next edition to an expert third party who will have both the expertise and reputation to conduct the work. This partner will be asked to review, and where appropriate to rewrite pre-existing sections.  The partner will also be asked to write new sections featuring equipment not currently covered in the COPSULE.

The first part of this commission is to review, amend and add content to the current COPSULE. The second part is to consider how to improve its presentation.  As a tool aimed at a global audience, LEEA is keen to produce a COPSULE that makes information more accessible, more used and therefore more impactful. This may involve the addition of easy to understand diagrams, animations or any other approach that reduces the necessity to understand English.

Potential partners who would like to help LEEA improve and transform the COPSULE can find more details about the brief at: https://leeaint.com/work-with-us-details/reworking-the-copsule. Questions should be addressed to ross.moloney@leeaint.com with proposals sent to adam.chipperfield@leeaint.com by 5pm BST on 31 August 2023.

‘State of the Sector’ survey and report

For the second project, LEEA invites tenders for the design and delivery of a survey and report outlining the current state of the lifting equipment sector.  LEEA is a global Trade Association with an interest in producing global insights, as well as insights focused on particular regions where our membership is concentrated.  Particularly useful areas in this first edition include UK, Middle East, West Africa, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, North Africa and South America. LEEA will work with partners to shape the first edition with available data likely to differ in regions.

As LEEA increases its impact and support to its members, it seeks to commission and create its first State of the Sector report from consultants with demonstrable expertise in producing similar reports.

Primary research with our membership and the industry at large is a key component of this study. In addition, researchers should be able to utilise pre-existing data sets, though it is recognised that disaggregating data to make it relevant to the industry will not be without challenge.

Consultants interested in tendering for the ‘State of the Sector’ report are encouraged to visit www.leeaint.com to learn more about the Association, and for further details on the brief, please visit https://leeaint.com/work-for-leea. Any questions should be addressed to ross.moloney@leeaint.com with completed applications sent to adam.chipperfield@leeaint.com. The deadline for applications is 5pm BST on 31 August 2023. Budget depends on the proposals submitted.

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