Be my Guest…Hannah Williams

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Be my Guest…Hannah Williams

The UK charity, No Falls Foundation was founded in 2018 to address the issue of falls from height, which have continued to be the highest cause of death in the workplace. A reported 40 people sadly lost their lives last year and falls from height account for around 30% of all fatalities in the workplace.

The charity offers advice and support to victims and their families who have been involved in an incident as well as a number of services, including emergency financial aid, advice on how to get financial help, a mentoring service and access to counselling services.

Now it is launching its first major campaign to highlight safe work at height called No Falls Week May 13- 17. Here to tell us more is Hannah Williams, charity manager, The No Falls Foundation.

“The idea behind The No Falls Foundation is to prevent falls from happening through education, teaching people about the risks of work at height, promoting safe work at height, researching the causes of falls from height and looking to support people who've been affected by the often life changing consequences of a fall from height,” said Williams.

“No Falls Week was designed for all organisations to participate in, whether they're small micro businesses or large organisations, whatever sector they may be in, whether it's agriculture, construction, utilities, or telecoms, work at height is present in all sectors. Work at height doesn't just mean working at 40 feet in the air or, very high up on scaffolding. It can be stepladders, ladders, or anything else.”

Williams said to take part in No Falls Week organisations can sign up to their website to access a host of resources including information on toolbox talks, guidance, quizzes, posters, infographics, videos, and participants can use whatever is appropriate depending on the size of their organisation and whatever sector they may be in.

“we've been really surprised by the reaction we've got nearly 1500 organisations signed up to participate in No Falls Week from all sectors; manufacturing, food and drink, small construction, micro businesses, large construction companies, house builders, schools, colleges and we've even got some universities printing No Falls Week T-shirts. It's been great, so hopefully everyone will be sharing on social media their activities under the hashtag #NoFallsWeek and we'll be sharing all those activities as well,” said Williams.

“We're really looking forward to seeing No Falls Week grow as a safe worker campaign and get more people to sign up every year and make sure they're focusing on and talking about safe work at height. In the following years we'll be looking to host some in-person events and expand globally and collaborate with other international organisations.”

Next, the charity is launching its first research study into falls from height in the UK, aimed at people who have either experienced, witnessed or investigated a fall from height.

“When someone has a fall from height there is quite limited information in terms of finding out what happened. Did they fall from a ladder, a tower, or a roof? How high were they working when they fell and other questions we don't have the answer to. The study will be launched on May 7, and we hope to get a good response to see where our resources are best placed and which aspects of working at height to focus on to prevent those accidents going forward,” said Williams.

Click HERE to watch the video on LEEA YouTube channel.

Click HERE for more information on The No falls Foundation.

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