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GLAD Lead Up

We are now only a few days away from Global Lifting Awareness Day on the 9th July, and we’re excited to see not only our members, but the wider Lifting Industry engaging and raising awareness. We hope that on the 9th July, we will see the whole industry coming together to

So why did we come up with GLAD? Many of us within the Lifting Industry are aware of just how widely lifting can be applied, but the rest of the world is a little more oblivious. How formidable would it be if, with the power of social media, we could gain the attention of a potential workforce, policymakers and end users, so they could understand just what Lifting is? And so, the hashtag was born.

But we don’t want to write, direct, produce and star in – we want YOU to get into the spotlight. With enough momentum, we hope that this will become an annual occurrence where we team up to promote each other and our Industry.

In short we have four aims for #GLAD2020

1. We want to make the day about attracting the next generation of recruits into our sector. We want to show them what an incredible sector this is.
2. To remind end users of how important it is to use high quality suppliers who utilise years of experience and high quality training, and who routinely develop innovative and thoughtful solutions.
3. To ask policymakers for support and recognition for the role we play.
4. To celebrate the incredible role our industry already has and continues to play during covid-19/coronavirus.

There’s lots you can do to get involved on the day. The GLAD 2020 logo is available for download here for your use, as well as our Think Lifting films which are available here. We also encourage you to produce your own content for the day, let your imagination run wild!

Throughout the day we will be engaging with as many people as we can and checking out all your efforts.

See on you on the 9th July!

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