Information about our course assessments

Each of our training courses incorporates an assessment to verify you have retained key knowledge and skills that you have studied during the course.


All training and assessment booking forms can be found on the following link,

How to Book

There are several ways to take an assessment.

  1. Register for the annual global assessment day held in April
  2. Register to attend our Huntingdon Training Centre at the end of a running course
  3. Contact LEEA’s Member Engagement Services to arrange an assessment during a future visit to your company
  4. Arrange your own assessment date using a local venue which offers an invigilation or proctor service

To book your first assessment for a course, complete form F4 – b.

To book a re-sit, complete form F4-c.

For more information, contact 




Individual Trainee

First attempt


included in

course cost


included in

course cost


£90 incl. VAT

£75 excl. VAT

£120 incl. VAT


The cost of one assessment is included in the price of your course.

If you do not pass and want to take the assessment again, there is a re-sit fee.

If you are arranging your own venue, you will need to pay the venue fees. 


We aim to have results available within 6-8 weeks but will send them earlier if possible.

If you are employed by a member company, your results will be sent to your company’s nominated contact. 

If you are an Individual Trainee, we will send them to you directly.

Pass Marks

Each assessment is divided into sections. To pass your assessment, you need to achieve:

  • 40% pass mark in each section as well as
  • the total pass mark

Further information is in form F4-a

Question Types

The assessment for the Foundation Course is multiple choice. You will be asked to choose the correct answer from a choice of possible answers.

The assessments for Advanced Programmes include a mixture of multiple choice and essay style questions that require a short or long written answer.


To take an assessment, you must

  • have attended instructor led training or enrolled onto an e-Learning course for that subject within the last 2 years
  • be employed directly by a LEEA member or  have registered with us as an Individual Trainee 
  • wait at least 3 months after failing an assessment before taking a re-sit


Need technical advice?

For technical advice on lifting equipment matters, email our Technical Services team. This service is free to members and we will reply within 48 hours.

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