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Training Course Feedback

Training Course Feedback

Training Course Feedback

The following comments have been received regarding the various courses and training provided by LEEA:

Practical Training - Huntingdon

"I learnt a lot more about the relevant standards and law concerning the examination of lifting equipment"

"Training objectives were clearly explained and achieved"

"There are too many good points to list! The course was very relevant to my job and will help me in most aspects of my work."

"Objectives were clearly stated from the start. I gained a greater knowledge of lifting equipment and it's correct use."

"The Power Point presentation was very good as the slides were to the point

and used in conjunction with good handouts."

"The hands-on practical training sessions were very good"

"The trainer used many ways in which to pass on his knowledge to us.

He is a nice guy and knows a lot about practical applications."

"Before the course I was confused about certain standards and criteria for examination. Having completed the Lifting Gear General Diploma intensive course I feel more confident about examining lifting gear."

"The trainer got the learning message across by breaking everything down into simplified sections. He gave a broad range of examination criteria and had a very good knowledge of the standards."

"A very good mixture of theoretical and practical training."

"The training course helped me in all areas that I was previously unclear about, especially legislation."

"The training was very informative and practical."

"Handout material was very good as there is a lot of information in them that will help me in my job."

"The trainer was able to explain difficult to understand subjects in simple terms."

"A good appreciation of general lifting gear, the law and regulations. I also gained a lot of key points regarding manufacture, testing and examining. I know what is expected of the examiners in our company."

"The training has had a significant impact on the way I will be examining lifting equipment in the future. I have also learnt a lot from the LEEA Code of Practice; generally a big eye-opener!"

"The syllabus was excellently delivered......all aspects were clearly explained and in context."

"I have picked up a lot of factual information regarding the examination of lifting gear."

"The trainer was very experienced and was able to answer all of our queries."

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and the training had a good mixture of learning activities."

 TEAM Card Refresher Training

“was okay and refreshed memory”

 “found course very interesting”

“course ok technical would not work on ipad”

"The hands-on practical training sessions were very good"

“disapointed not with questions, technical side was very ordinary”

“only a year since i completed my course and still need a refresher thanks”

“good refresher”

“worth doing, blows out the cobwebs and starts the mind thinking again”

“The course was relevant”

“I found the course a relevant tool”


“Well thought course great supporting literature”

“well thourght out course loads of information all answers with literature”

“First initial part of the examination concerned with the legislation, Risk Assessment, Wire rope are all the same as it was available for the other diploma. Only the last quiz appeared different. A person who is doing 3 refresher courses will face the difficulty to answer only the first refresher and rest of the 3 appears to be a cake walk. More light could be thrown in the other left over or uncovered areas .”

 e-Learning Courses

“Easy to follow and understand, well done guys”

“Course layout was easy to follow & understand, full credit guys & girls 👍👍👍👍”

"good course"

“Introduction of video clips will aid more understanding”

“great course a lot to take in”

“great course”

“I cant see anything to improve the course as it gives me all i need”

“For myself the courses you have at the moment are what i require, i am attending an Appointed Persons course in Qatar starting friday after that i will probably have to attend training at Huntington for the 3 other courses i require. More courses held in the Asia region would be helpful”