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Assessments (Examinations)

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Assessments (Examinations)

Please find attached below an information document for Members & Students regarding our LEEA Assessments:

F4 - a - Information for Members & Students about LEEA Assessments


LEEA Academy students who embarked on an eLearning course from January 1st 2017 will have received an ‘Assessment Voucher’ for use when registering to take the assessment. This voucher entitles you to the initial assessment. Should a resit be necessary, the fees payable are as shown below: 

Assessment Type

GBP (incl. VAT)

GBP (excl. VAT)

LEEA Foundation Course



LEEA Advanced Programmes



Assessment Re-sits



Individual Trainees

£120 (All assessments include VAT by UK law)


E-Learning Course & Assessment registration forms may be downloaded here. 

  1. F4 - b  -  E-Learning Course & Assessment Booking Form
  2. F4 - c  -  Assessment Resit Booking Form



Please contact for further advice and information regarding registration for assessment.



The following questions are frequently asked of the LEEA team regarding assessments and certificates/TEAM Cards. We hope that the answers we have provided will be of help to you:

Q. How will I pay for the assessment(s)?

  • A. Members will be invoiced in accordance with the credit terms of membership. Individual Trainees pay the fees by card at point of registration.

Q. Am I eligible to register for a LEEA assessment?

  • A. To register for a LEEA assessment you will have either been enrolled onto the respective LEEA training programme within the last two years, or, you will be registering to re-sit a previously unsuccessful assessment.

Q. Can I resister a candidate for an assessment if he or she is not a direct employee of our company?

  • A. No, this is not permitted under the rules of the Association.

Q. Is it correct that LEEA assessments are no longer available if I have not been enrolled onto a LEEA training course?

  • A. Yes, that is correct. The previous route to LEEA certificates, commonly known as ‘exam only’ is no longer an option.

LEEA has a professional obligation and ethical responsibility to ensure that individuals working in the safety critical arena of lifting equipment examinations are suitably trained and informed so that they are aware of up-to-date relevant legislative requirements, standards, technology and best practices.

Q. Is it true that eLearning course fees now include the fee for the assessment?

  • A. Yes, this is correct. Instructor led training and eLearning course fees do include the cost of your end assessment, however there is a charge should you wish to re-sit the assessment following an unsuccessful first attempt.

Q. How long will it take to receive the results of my assessment and my certificates/TEAM Card?

A. LEEA follows due process to establish final results:

  • All examinations are subject to initial marking by a nominated subject matter expert (SME), following which the marked papers are then verified by an independent SME and signed off for completion.
  • Examinations are then entered onto our database; certificates and TEAM Cards (where appropriate) are then printed and made ready for despatch and notification of results letters are emailed to the training representative of the member company.
  • We aim to complete this process in the duration of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Delays may be encountered if payment has not been received for the training/examination or there is an on-going investigation into malpractice/examination fraud.
  • Please note that we are unable to discuss examination results prior to their formal publication.
  • No discussion will be entered regarding the individual performance of any candidate. In the case of dispute, the company training representative shall write to the Association for the attention of the Learning and Development Manager stating the candidate’s examination entrance number and giving the reasons for the dispute. In all matters relating to individual results, the decision of the Chief Examiner shall be final.