Global Mission Statement for GLAD

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Global Mission Statement for GLAD

‘We promote safe lifting, so we support GLAD’ is the rallying call of this year’s Global Lifting Awareness Day—#GLAD2023—on 13 July, a day where manufacturers, suppliers, and end users share material that promotes safe and high quality load lifting.

Ross Moloney, CEO at LEEA, said: “Lifting is a Cinderella industry and to change its image globally we need to raise awareness, hence #GLAD2023.”

Moloney has invited stakeholders to show support in two simple ways: participate on social media; and hold events that serve as hubs from which the concept can grow in future years.

He explained: “The hashtag—#GLAD2023—logo and supporting imagery serve as signposts to content and activity that says, ‘We promote safe lifting, so we support GLAD’. But this isn’t an event only hosted by LEEA that we’re inviting people to come along to; we want others to hold virtual and in-person events that energise the cause too.

“As a minimum,” Moloney continues, “We want manufacturers, suppliers, end users, etc. to be visible in support of the mission statement across social media platforms. Remember that LEEA exists to eliminate lifting accidents, injuries, and fatalities; and educate, influence, and enable so that best practice is everyday action. GLAD is how we celebrate buy-in, and evidence movement of the dial towards prioritising safety over cutting costs.”

As outlined in #GLAD2023 launch messages, fighting gravity is inherently dangerous and getting it wrong can lead to accident, injury, and even fatality. That makes lifting an extremely important, challenging, and rewarding sector to work in.

Social media posts, videos, articles, and in-person activity will again be bound together by the hashtag, #GLAD2023. Industry stakeholders are also invited to share their content so LEEA can add it to the newly updated website——where information about apprenticeships, military recruitment, diversity, sustainability, and technology has been posted during previous years.

Moloney added: “Put your hand up. Make the case for professionalisation and standards. Highlight that we do important and complicated work. Tell younger generations why this would be a great industry to work in.”

Anyone with an interest in lifting and working at height can contribute. Celebrate the lifting industry on Thursday 13 July—include the #GLAD2023 hashtag.

Participating can be as easy as using the hashtag #GLAD2023 across social media platforms such as of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikToK, adding the GLAD2023 logo to email signatures, all the way through to producing unique content and holding events. We invite you to join in by submitting your own plans via the contact form, which can be found at

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