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LEEA Academy

LEEA Academy

We have been providing specialist training services to our Members for over 50 years and have our own dedicated training centre at our head office in Huntingdon.

In addition, we provide training at Members’ premises as well as highly successful e-learning courses for Members worldwide.

Our comprehensive training programmes cover every aspect, from manufacture, assembly, and testing through to examination and certification. Health, safety and legal requirements are also included.

We are proud that our training courses are part of a City & Guilds Accredited Programme. This gives our members and learners further assurance of the high standards of course material, delivery, assessment and due process that our training is valued for.

We’ve made some changes to naming conventions used in our courses – details can be found on our Courses and Assessments pages – and we welcome the further value this brings to LEEA training for our members, signified by the new logo on our training material.

All training courses lead to a written assessment, resulting in the award of a Foundation Course or Advanced Programme certificate if successful. These widely respected courses and assessments have now run successfully for over 50 years. The LEEA’s Advanced Programmes are recognised across our industry as the leading form of training and assessment for technicians and engineers responsible for the testing and examination of lifting equipment.

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LEEA recommends that all qualified individuals maintain a record of appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) as evidence of work-related experience. The TEAM card logbook is provided to all TEAM card holders by LEEA for this purpose.

What is CPD?

It is “the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of professional knowledge, understanding and skill and the development of personal qualities necessary to undertake professional and technical duties throughout the practitioner’s working life”

It’s taking a structured approach to life-long learning

It’s about keeping up to date with new technical and business related subjects

It’s about being even better at what you do

It’s about skills and knowledge enhancement

With CPD accredited courses from LEEA, you can be assured of:

  • Confidence in standards of performance
  • Higher quality, consistency and reliability of training
  • Turning good practice into best practice
  • Improved skill levels and performance

Accredited Training from Member companies

Many of our Members provide training for end users covering a wide variety of subjects related to lifting equipment. Please visit our Accredited User Training page to find a training provider in your area.